Executive Director

Executive Director’s Message

Hon’ble Shri Anil Bagane is the Executive Director of Sharad College of Agriculture Jainapr. He has devoting efforts and dynamic working style proven, outstanding team leadership and management. He is a reputed Industrial and also contributing as a Vice Chairman of Parvati Industrial Estate & Manufacturing Association, Yadrav (PIEMA). We realize that education is fundamental for the complete development of Individuals. It is the holistic approach of education that holds meaning in our lives. So we give a harmonious personality development to our students through meditation and spiritual lectures to keep their body mind and soul in unison. As we grow, we expand into new technologies, methodologies, disciplines, resources and even attitudes. We have a vision to develop excellent centre of Agricultural education coupled with industrial interaction. This will be structured with the academic excellence that the institution has set for itself. The Institute organizes programs that highlight the fundamental values in life directing its students to achieve excellence in their respective fields. The green campus extends career building opportunities for about 60 students every year. Highly qualified and well experienced faculties mould and mentor the students for prospective careers. We have a very dedicated group of faculty & Staff who works together to spread the quality knowledge. These staff members bring an immense amount of talent, resources and experience to the table for benefit of Sharad College of Agriculture Jainapr. As part co-curricular and extracurricular activities we conduct state level and intercollegiate level seminars and workshops; encourages students to participate in technical paper presentation contests; organize lectures by experts from leading industries etc. Sharad College of Agriculture Jainapr as a Thought Leader continues to be our overriding theme for the year and the journey has begun. I would encourage each and every member to join on the journey.

Mr Anil Bagane