Introduction –

Soil Science section is front corner for agriculture which act as a body for plant production studies which was established in year 2013 in Sharad college of Agriculture,Jainapur to coordinate and strengthen teaching, research and extension activities in plant production. As soil is the base of nature it is of vital importance to make analysis of soil and water which will help for to make guideline to the farmers regarding fertilizer recommendation and soil reclamation as salt affected soils are one of the major problems which are facing by the farmers today.

  • To teach the subject Soil Science to undergraduate student.
  • To guide the farmers on diagnosis and management of nutrients in soil.

Department of Soil Science & Agril.Chemistry offer following Courses to B.Sc Agriculture students in the institutes.

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 I SSAC 111 3(2+1) Fundamentals of Soil Science
2 IV SSAC 242 2(1+1) Problematic Soils and their Management
3 V SSAC 353 3(2+1) Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management
4 VI ELE SSAC 364 3(2+1) Agrochemicals
5 VIII ELM SSAC 485 10(0+10) Soil, Water, Plant and Fertilizer Analysis
6 VIII ELM SSAC 486 10(0+10) Agricultural Waste Management
  • Attend the farmers meeting programme organized by Sharad Sahkari Sakahar Karkhana. Narande, Tal. Hatkanangle , Dist. Kolhapur
  • Participated in the exhibition organized by Sharad College of Agriculture, Jainapur
  • Analyze the soil samples given by farmers and give the respective guideline to them.