Library & Reading Room

Assistant Librarian
Qualification : M.A., M.Lib & Isc.
Experience : 14 Years

Phone No – 9637240008

• Open Access to All Users
• Staff 10 Books issued for one Semester.
• Students 4 Books issued for 7 days.
• Book Bank Facility to More than 26 Students.
• Digital to All Reader
• Free Book Bank Facility to SC Student From SWD
• Information Retrieval Lab (Internet) Facility to all Readers.
• Reference Book Service.
• National Journal, Magazine Facility  for all readers.
• Xerography.
• All Library Work Conducted through MASTER Software

Library Timing
MONDAY TO SATURDAY – 8.30 am TO 5.30 pm

Our Library is well maintained and well furniture. We have about 3305 books, 894 titles. More than 14 National and International Journals and periodicals are subscribed to currently which facilitates research in our college. We also have multiple copies of National, Regional and Local Newspapers and Magazines. Also we have E-Journals viz., Science Direct. We have Book Bank scheme for sc students. The total management of Library is from MASTER software.. The total environment in Library as well as reading room is very silent and useful for study.

Library Useful links :
1. Krishikosh (Online Free Ebooks, Journals, Thesis, Report)
2. Agriculture Information in Marathi
3. B.Sc. Agriculture Notes
4. Open Access Journals
5. National Digital Library of India
6. Open Access Internationals Journals (Free send full text article to email)
7. Open Access Journals
8. Open Access Journals
9. Google Scholar Books
10. India Bix Aptitude Test
11. Aptitude Test
12. Indian Citation Index
13. Shodhganga (Ph.D.thesis Available)
14. Mahatma Gandhi University- Online Thesis Library
15. United Nations Department of Agriculture National Agriculture Library

Special features :
Three topper student facility- rank wise 4, 3, 2 books issue.
Digital Library :–Internet facility for staff & student.
Open access for staff & students.
Journal/Magazine & Periodical are also provided on identity card in reading room only.
Question paper sets are available in library .( Last five Years)
Book Bank facility for SC,ST & NT students from social welfare Department ( Gove. Of Maharashtra ).
Membership Card or Identity Card non-transferable.
If the Identity Card is lost by a member, A duplicate Identity Card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- .
Xerox / Photocopying facility is available in Library on payment.