The Section of Agricultural Engineering at Sharad College of Agriculture was established in August 2013. Agricultural Engineering, one of the prime branches of Agriculture, is as old as the college itself had its beginning in 1907. It imparts knowledge on major aspects viz., soil and water conservation, irrigation water management, agricultural processing, farm mechanization, computer applications, mathematics, etc. to the B.Sc. (Agri.) students through various courses. Goals: To provide the scientific basis for enhancing and sustaining productivity in the farming sector with modern agricultural engineering technologies, to improve food security, safety and quality by quality education, research, information dissemination and industrial liaison. Major Activities Teaching of the major courses on Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Computer Applications, Farm Power and Machinery etc. are being done at this section for B.Sc. (Agri.) The technology of Agril, Engg., especially on the aspects of Soil Water Conservation Engg., Irrigation, and Drainage Engg. & Farm Machinery & power is being transferred to the farmers. Our strength Facilities surpass the needs of our campus with classrooms equipped with modern facilitating aids for learning, labs, and seminar halls. Our strength depends on the research and laboratory facilities of the college. Facilities Well Equipped Labs Actual practicals with demonstration are conducted in well-equipped labs viz. Computer lab, Soil conservation lab. Internet computer lab of this division of Agril. Engineering provided internet facilities to the staff and students of this College Extension In the process of the lab to field, the college is transferring knowledge about farm implements, equipment, post-harvest equipment, energy gadgets and agri-based technologies to farmers, through various demonstrations, exhibitions, training, publications, TV, Radio programmes etc. Farm Machinery and Power Information about farm implements and other technologies developed by the department are disseminated to the farmers and other clientele groups through the demonstration,, Radio programmes, training, exhibitions, field days and publications. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Training programmes are offered on soil and water conservation technologies such as drip and sprinkler irrigation, soil conservation & moisture measurement, etc. Consultancy services are offered in the areas of micro-irrigation, greenhouse cultivation, and watershed development. Technology demonstration on fertigation technique, etc. are also carried out. Mandates To offer six courses in Agricultural Engineering for the undergraduate degree programme.

Course taught Department of Agricultural Engineering offer following Courses to B.Sc Agriculture students in the institutes.

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 II ENGG 121 2(1+1) Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
2 III ENGG 232 2(1+1) Farm  Machinery and Power
3 IV ENGG 243 2(1+1) Renewable Energy and Green Technology
4 VI ENGG 364 2(1+1) Protected Cultivation and secondary Agriculture
5 VIII ELM ENGG 485 10(0+10) Natural Resources Management