About Agronomy –

Agronomy is the one of the important and principle branch of Agriculture, which deals with study of principles and practices of crop production and field management. Agronomy is the only solitary subject which is taught in all the four years of undergraduate course curriculum of B.Sc. (Agri.). The prime objective of the Agronomy section is to provide practical knowledge related with Agronomy subject to undergraduate students as well as to guide the farmers for their problems through various extension activities.

Education: Department of Agronomy offers following Courses to B.Sc. Agriculture students in the institutes.

Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 I AGRO 111 2(1+1) Fundamentals of Agronomy-I
2 I AGRO 112 2(1+1) Introductory Agro-meteorology and Climate change
3 II AGRO 123 2(1+1) Fundamentals of Agronomy-II
4 III AGRO 234 2(1+1) Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif crops)
5 III AGRO235 2(1+1) Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management
6 IV AGRO 246 2(1+1) Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops)
7 IV AGRO 247 1(1+0) Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture
8 IV AGRO248 2(1+1) Principles  of Organic Farming
9 V AGRO359 1(0+1) Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif crops)
10 V ELE AGRO 3510 3(2+1) Weed Management
11 VI AGRO3611 1(0+1) Practical Crop Production-II(Rabi crops)
12 VI AGRO 3612 2(1+1) Geo-informatics and Nano-technology and Precision Farming
13 VIII ELM AGRO 4813 10(0+10) Organic Farming Production Technology
14 VIII ELM AGRO 4814 10(0+10) Commercial production of organic inputs


1.Total area: 41.34 ha.
2.Total cultivable area: 32.43 ha.
3.Cropping pattern: During the Kharif season the crops like Sorghum, Maize, Groundnut, Soybean, Fodder crops are grown, While during Rabi season wheat, Sorghum and fodder crops are taken. During hot weather i.e. summer season Groundnut and Mug are grown. Similarly, every year Sugarcane is grown.
4.Each student registered for course AGRO-236 and AGRO-248 during 3rd and 4th semester allotted a plot of 2 R area for growing Soybean and Wheat crop respectively. To get actual practical experience of raising field crops.
5.Irrigation Resources: Lift irrigation from Warana river, 1 Well, 1 bore well, 1 farm pond having capacity of about 1 crore liters. Entire farm is under Drip irrigation


The staff members of Agronomy section guided to so many farmers through participated in Farmers Rallies, Field visits, Radio talk and publication of popular articles and Leaflets.

1.Sugarcane Seedling nursery.
2.Vermi-compost Unit (Small Scale)
3.Vermi wash unit (Small Scale).
4.Crop cafeteria (Every season).