Introduction –

The section of Agril. Entomology has beginning in 2013 under Sharad College of Agriculture, Jainapur. The Agril. Entomology section conducting various pest management campaign in Kolhapur district which tremendous impact for adoption of plant protection measures at farmers level to keep the pest under check below and avoid out breaks of pests. Prof. P. T. Patil sir who initially headed the section till Sept. 2014 and he build up the section in respect of teaching, research and Extension activities. Presently Prof. V. R. Patil is headed this department.

  • To provide practical oriented education in Plant Protection and related aspects to students and farmers.
  • To facilitate research activities of Pest management in spite of it should be cost effective.
  • To transfer the knowledge of different newer pest management techniques in rural area.
  • Performing small unit of Sericulture for study and research purpose.
  • Visit actual farmers field for crop protection knowledge dissemination.
  • Conducted sugarcane white grub management campaign in different villages in Kolhapur district like Danoli, nandani, Nej, chipri, umalwad, etc.
  • Monitoring of pests on different Vegetable and use of IPM strategies.
  • Participation of activities conducting by state Krushi Vibhag for Developing integrated techniques for management of insect pests using botanicals, biopesticides, cultural practices, resistant cultivars and safer chemical pesticides continue to be the thrust areas of research.

Subjects are studied under this section,

  • Entomology
Sr. No. Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 II ENTO 121 2(1+1) Fundamentals of Entomology
2 III ENTO 232 2(1+1) Insect Ecology and Integrated pest Management
3 IV ENTO 243 2(1+1) Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Management
4 V ENTO 354 2(1+1) Pests  of Crops and Stored Grain and their Management
5 VI ENTO 365 2(1+1) Management of Beneficial Insects
5 VIII ELM ENTO 486 10(0+10) Mass Production of Bioagents and Biopesticides
6 VIII ELM ENTO 487 10(0+10) Commercial Bee Keeping
7 VIII ELM ENTO 488 10(0+10) Silkworm Cocoon Production Technology

Entomology Department Equipments: